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ANACONDA Plus Other Supplements


I have been taking ANACONDA with great results. I love this stuff, but I have asked this question before and cannot get a definitive answer (it would be great if Biotest can answer this once and for all): Would it be redundant to take creatine, BCAAs and Beta-7 on the same day I take ANACONDA (I only take one serving during my workout, not two servings)? Thanks.


It would be pointless to take additional creatine, as there is an ample amount in ANACONDA already.


better off adding in a second scoop of ANACONDA in my opinion


That is what I heard before, but the amount of creatine is not stated on the label. How do we know that one serving of ANACONDA contains at least 5 grams of creatine? Also, what about BCAAs and Beta-7? Thanks.


It's really not going to make that much of a difference in the long run. I understand wanting "optimal" results, but you're putting way too much thought into this.


Yes it would be.

For all of the 3 supps you listed.


Can someone from Biotest confirm or deny that? Mod Brian, what do you think?


They're not going to tell you exactly how much creatine, BCAA or Beta-7 is in their recipe. It's a very competitive business and they have to protect their products. This is a very common practice among all supplement companies.

They have conducted a lot of tests and trials to figure out the right amounts of these things to put in their product. Using those results, they then create a formula with the appropriate amounts of various supplements. If you use the recommended amount of Anaconda, it will have enough creatine, BCAAs & Beta-7 as determined by their testing.


Look at it this way...

The complex of beta-alanine and creatine is 11g/serving.

Their beta-7 supplement is 3 dose of 2000mg = 6g

I may be wrong but I think companies need to list the product there is the most first and the least last.

They list creatine before beta-alanine.

Im guessing there is about 5.5g of each ... +/- .5g

Using the same reasonning for the Anabolic Pulse complex, you get a serving of 21.55g

You know that you have 10g of casein hydro, its listed.

The dosing for citruline malate is usually 6g...

This leaves you 5.55g of leucine added to your 10g of casein hydro.

This is all speculations of course, but I doubt I'm far off.

So, no, you dont need to add anything.


I am not asking to for the amounts in Anaconda. I am just asking if I need to take creatine, BCAA and Beta-7 on the day I take Anaconda.


Great write-up, thanks, but I am not doing the Anabolic Pulse. I only take one serving (not two servings, but one serving) of Anaconda peri-workout.



Check out the part under "ANACONDA INGREDIENTS" about a third of the way down from the top. The Anaconda recipe includes 21.55g of MAG-10 Anabolic Pulse.


Oh, yes, I thought you meant something else, like pulsing with MAG-10.


The numbers I gave are for one serving of Anaconda.

The ingredients are listed in Anaconda.

I hope this helped you.