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Anaconda or Mag-10 By Itself?

Is anyone using either one of these products by themselves? If so, what is your opinion and what are you results?

What effect are you looking for?

MAG-10 by itself is ideal for protein pulsing, whereas Anaconda is best saved for per-workout use whether by itself or as part of the bigger Anaconda Protocol.

The EliteFTS guys were using Anaconda by itself, and generally in nearly the entire development period of Anaconda athletes were using only the Anaconda.

So the results with Anaconda alone are the results that these experienced, which so far as I know all were very pleased with.

However by this summer or thereabouts, the amino pulsing protocol was used by Christian Thibaudeau and with at least some of the men he was training.

This was being done somewhat inefficiently in that MAG-10 wasn’t ready yet and so Anaconda was being used for the pulsing as well as time of training, and it has more ingredients than are needed for the pulsing.

There’s no question that adding the pulsing makes the protocol considerably better yet.

Basically in terms of cost and order of performance, I suppose you have it as:

MAG-10 only and only at time of workout: Least expensive way to go
Anaconda only and only at time of workout: Better but somewhat more expensive
Anaconda only at time of workout and MAG-10 for pulsing: Still better
Full protocol: your best performance

There really is no way to quantitate the results as this will vary with the individual. And so far as value, there’s no way to quantitate that either as each person’s financial situation is different. Generally speaking, if someone is in a position where they know that with no particular supplementation but just getting properly serious with the training they could add quite a bit of muscle in the next few months, then unless the money is just no issue at all, they really could just do that.

On the other hand, when someone generally has been doing their best and has been doing this for a long time and more of that best cannot reasonably be expected to produce substantial further gains in the next few months, the differences that can be seen from such supplementation absolutely are well worth it if financially feasible for the individual.

In other words, I’d say go full house if you can, but if that does not make financial sense for you then other approaches certainly do work as well.

I’m doing ANACONDA by itself pre and during workout. I’m using it as an aid to retain muscle and strength while I cut about 20 lbs of scale weight to get into a lower weight class for the upcoming Highland Games season. Only been doing it a few weeks, so we’ll see how it goes. Strength has been good so far.

@ Mod Brian, thanks and I am not looking for any certain one kind of effect just want to hear what results/opinions people are having with using just one of these two products outside the protocol

@ Bill, thanks, great info and breakdown of the products and protocol.

@ HG, thanks for chiming in, I am eager to hear your results in the upcoming weeks… Good luck also.