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Anaconda May Not be Released


from Thibs board
"That's the thing. Anaconda is ready. It has been ready for close to a year. I'm using it, Dave Tate's crew is using it to break world record and some of my subjects are using it to grow larger by the hour.

The reason it's not out yet is that the production cost is too high. Most supplement companies' sole purpose is to make money. And to reach that goal they are often willing to compromise on some of the ingredients. They give the product a high impact publicity and make tons of dough... but you get screwed.

Tim Patterson is like me, like us. Yeah he's that recluse living on top of a mountain BUT he is the most passionate ironhead that I know. Heck, he often calls me up at 11pm just to talk training, and when we do we're like two little kids!

Yes the boss wants to make money. Let's be honest! But first and foremost he wants to make stuff that works... that do bizarre things in the human body!

You know what, Anaconda might actually never be sold. And the boss is fine with that. Biotest's storing facilities are full of supplements that have never been sold, but that work great and are actually used by top level athletes. These products are custom made for them.

Anyway, back to Anaconda, the ingredients in it are expensive. Especially its central element which is a special blend of casein hydrolysate that is just more powerful than any other protein available (yet). But that ingredient alone would make the product cost-prohibitive for most.

Biotest COULD compromise and use regular casein hydrolysate, which is fairly easy to find and not that expensive, but it's not the same thing. It will just not work as well. And to us (to me at least) it would kinda be like settling for going out with the stubby girl next door 'with the good personality' after having spent a few months with the hottest babe in town!

So what will happen? Who knows. I'm currently working on building an Anaconda-less protocol, just in case it never comes out.

But for now let's hope that I'm wasting my time with that last one!"

Didn't we hear the same thing about Surge Workout Fuel? Anyone wanna take bets on if this will or won't be released?

I'm guessing when the new Super program comes out it will be available.

PS- and yes, another Anaconda thread :smiley:




Yes, they said that about Surge Workout Fuel. More marketing hype. Not saying the product won't be good, but it's like the Surge Workout Fuel's "This would easily cost over $200 a tub..."


Anyway, who cares? Plenty of people making progress without it. I'm only curious what the "special blend of casein hydrolysate" could be.


So they have a bottle with a snake in it and casein hydrolysate is in the snake?


The larger size of Surge Workout Fuel originally supplied to athletes would cost over $200 if sold to the public.

So, yeah, that's right.


Hit the nail on the head there, Ponce. So much hype, I don't know who cares anymore.


It's a know fact that Biotest saves it's best products for these elite athletes who shall remain anonymous (read imaginary) and hype's products for 5 years, which they will not release. Yeah I went there.


So their would be over 120 servings in the original size? That's seems excessive, or are the serving protocols on the label lower than they should be for optimum performance?

I've just started using my first tub, and the stuff certainly isn't magic. Still, Ive got high hopes for the product considering the reviews and price-tag.


I'm more interested in this super powerful protein which is not available yet


That would suck if it wasn't released, but let's face it. Life existed before Anaconda came around. So we may have to just face the fury of not having it.


No, they fill a monkey carcass with casein hydrolysate, then feed the monkey to a snake and finally smuggle the snake into the country. That's why it's so expensive.

A few years back Biotest had a Ribose-C product that was well received but too expensive to continue producing. Why not Anaconda?



Supplements are 5% maybe of this whole game, I fail to see how using an ingredient that is 10% or 20% or whatever, better in a field that only counts for maybe 5% in the first place, is going to have such a DRAMATIC influence on your overall goals.

Many top lifters/bodybuilders don't even use supplements, including protien concentrates.

They are nice, and convenient, but by no means even necessary or DRAMATICALLY more helpful in the long run over a simple high protien diet.

Im not knocking Biotest specifically, I'm simply astounded at how ridiculous the supplements "Arms Race" has become in general.

I like Biotest's style because their products are simple and rooted in actual, proven, compounds.
It would be a shame to see them play the game and overly hype a simple and convenient product into appearing as "magic".


I agree 100% with everything you've written. I'm actually toying with the idea of avoiding supplements (aside from creatine, fish oil, vitamins, and ZMA) in a month or so, just to see if I look, feel, or perform any differently. I'm thinking of doing this because of exactly what you said - supplements are just that, supplements. As such, they are not the be all end all of progressing.


No, magic would cost a lot more!

I don't remember the number of servings in the larger bottle, but with how often and long most professional and olympic-level athletes train they seemed to go through them in a couple of weeks.


I agree that most people certainly shouldn't need supplements to make progress, but I have been exposed to products that dramatically increase one's rate of gains when used properly. However, it's also important to point out that many supplement advertised in magazines are complete garbage.

And while I'm sure that there is a pro bodybuilder who doesn't use supplements, the vast majority do. In fact, any exceptions would be very rare. After all, what would be the point in not using quality supplements if bodybuilding was your career?



You better tell that to the guys who were just in the office to pick up product!


I did like that post, good to see a sense of humor along with the info =)


I agree, people made progress before all of these hyped "super supplements" and people will make progress after they are long gone. It just makes me mad when they hype stuff so much, and make it seem the results on these products are ungodly, than make it sound like its not going to be released and than 2 years after it was first tipped off that a new supplement was coming out they release it.

I would rather them just not talk about these supplements and not lure them in our face and talk about how great they are, than not release them.

I dont even care anymore, I use the essentials and I make progress, so im happy.


Why not consider going off the vitamins too? Just a thought see http://tnation.tmuscle.com/free_online_forum/diet_performance_nutrition_supplements/exercise_the_antioxidant_network


Nobody is saying Biotest doesn't put out high quality stuff, rather that something like new training stimulus has a greater affect on progress than a supplement.

Besides, don't you get all this shit for free? If so, how do you expect to sympathize with your average customer when he talks about cost/serving size and availability?

You're disconnected from your client base.