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Hey guys, quick question for those of you who are living in the UK. I am wanting to try out this Biotest stuff properly, but it appears that it is twice as expensive in the UK! Is there any other way to get it? As an example, Anaconda is $69.99 in the US, and £89.99 in the UK! Cheers!!


Order from here. It normally works out cheaper although I would buy other stuff to save on shipping. Get a friend/s and do a combined order, you'll have to work out the customs charges.


I brought this up in the "Biotest UK" thread, prices from the Biotest UK website are astronomical compared to the US. I didnâ??t realise until it was pointed out to me the UK site is not affiliated with Biotest but just a company that only sells their products. And not the whole range either.

I ordered the Anaconda Protocol from here, had no problems in getting the goods and remarkably it worked out considerably cheaper, even with all the customs charges. Iâ??ve pointed this out to Biotest UK to no reply.

As suggested, buy with a friend to bring down the cost further.


i agree with red gladiator. i just ordered 2 pulses of MAG-10 from here, which was half the price of the uk one.


Like Red said, it will be cheaper to buy direct. If you have friends that want stuff as well, even better, just get all the same stuff and split shipping and customs between you.

If you don't mind spending a little cash, do it on your own. Probably best is you do a slightly bigger order, maybe $1-2k at a time.



i wish i could spend a k a time on supps, but i'll keep it in mind for later in life. hahahaha, imagine the delivery driver face!


If you have 'other ways' of getting Biotest to the UK, then you don't really have to put in such big orders. But if it's coming over via FedEx, then you're probably better putting in the big orders.



How much (in %) do you roughly pay for shipping and taxes on an order that big ($1k+)? I was planning to get a friend to bring some stuff over for me on his way back from the US, but I don't think it will work out, so I might have to order it by myself. The extra costs are quite scary though (at least for a student).



Not really sure, I believe it works out to around 30% of the total cost. Something around there anyway. You'll be much better off getting your friend to bring it back, or send it to his hotel and ask him to post it from there if he doesn't have any room in the suitcase.



I'm working on it, but he's quite unreliable. Plus, it's not really a permanent solution. Any idea if there are people on the board making orders for multiple people? It might take me a while to save money to order 2k worth of stuff by myself.