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Anaconda Formulation Guesses


In light of new information about Anaconda from Thibs (that Anaconda contains CH), what are y'alls new guesses as to what Anaconda ahs in it. I'll go ahead and give you my theorized formulation:

Protein, amino acids, and amino acid metabolites
Casein Hydrolysate - 20 g
Taurine - 3 g
L-Carnitine L-Tartrate - 2 g
KIC - 300 mg
HMB - 3 g

Other Potent Insulin Secretatogues
Dextrose - 15 g (I'm really debating whether they will include Dextrose or if they choose to go low carb. Personally I don't see them not including at least this nominal dose of dextrose or some other high tech sugar)
PromilinĂ¢?¢ - 4-Hydroxyisoleucine 100 mg

Vitamins and Minerals (Yes, as with ZMA, I think that this formula necessetates the inclusion of vitamins and minerals)
Vitamin C - 250mg
Various B vits and others (Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Biotin, Pantothenic acid... may only include a couple of them)

Creatine - 5 g (although it def would stack well, they prob won't include it in the formula as not including it would differentiate the product as to not appear as a kitchen sink supplement)


HMB? really


Well, it was discovered that if you squeeze the HMB out of Bill Phillips' old gym socks, it's extra potent.


I didn't think it was worth a shit either but then Kraemer, Hatfield, and Volek et alia go and do a study on its effectiveness... http://www.acsm-msse.org/pt/re/msse/abstract.00005768-200905000-00018.htm;jsessionid=KkRQn2bdSY2t2YyngrhTwjb6cZ46hZclH87x2qHmh9Fz21nsZyGF!1966694724!181195629!8091!-1


Since no results are given but only conclusions, and the word "significantly" having a scientific meaning that does not necessarily mean very much, how can one draw much from the abtract?

Considering that this is science done to support advertisements, if results were much why aren't values given?

Also, how does one conclude from the study that the HMB had anything to do with it? Maybe whatever results there were, which for all we know may have been small (remember, "significant" in science-speak does not have to mean large: it is a relative term compared to the amount of statistical noise) were from the arginine and glutamine.

Not that I think that HMB does absolutely nothing. I just don't expect it does much. It has been around a long time so it's certainly had a fair trial in practice.


I'd rather pay $90 for that than what I did in HS for a bottle of HMB


I originally read about the study in the "research supplements" section of July's (2009) muscular development, and it piqued my interest. Although still no values were given, it did say that the supplement group showed higher levels of test and lower cortisol and creatine kinase. So it seemed novel for a post workout product. .. but it's true studies are often designed to back a product. Shame on me :slightly_smiling: Anaconda likely wont have HMB in it, but I was just throwing it out there. Do you any of y'all have better guesses??


HMB feels like deca :slight_smile:


i suspect glycine and phosphatidylserine.


LOL I also heard that it feels like your on Deca when you wear those socks.


I hear it contains tears of all those drop-kicked by chuck norris.