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Anaconda Dose for 90 min. Workout?


I'm wondering if I need two servings of Anaconda as prescribed on the packaging. My workouts last 90 minutes, max. I'm wondering if the 2-serving protocol is geared toward elite athletes who train for 2-3 hours at a time.

Sorry if this is a stupid question.


try out both ways, see what works best for you.


My workouts only last about 90 mins, and unless I'm towards the end of my contest prep and really need to scale back numbers from everywhere, I actually try to keep 3 scoops of ANACONDA on heavy days (the very 1st suggested protocol, which I feel has worked well for me). Even 'elite' athletes don't really train for 2-3 hours. I would imagine that the suggested serving recommendations were made for an average gym rat (175-195 lbs...?) who busts his ass for at least an hour per session.

Remember also that the recommendation is taking into account how much Beta Alanine you want to get, so unless you're one of the few people who react poorly to it, you probably want to stick to 2 if you can (although I've seen some people only use one, but throw in a few scoops of MAG-10 to 'balance it out')



Mind expanding on this "balance it out" dealio, stu?


Way, i think he is saying that some people will add in the MAG-10 to make up for the lack of ANACONDA being used. Especially, for those who don't handle the Beta Alanine very well, simply adding more MAG-10 will give you all the quick protein you would get if you had the full amount of ANACONDA, just minus some of the other goodies that are added to ANACONDA. I think a 2 to 2 ratio of ANACONDA and MAG-10 would be plenty and easy on the stomach if he can't handle all 3.


gotcha, thanks.


Exactly! So far I haven't heard of anyone having adverse reactions to Casein Hydrolysate. The Beta Alanine (found only in the Anaconda, not in the Mag10) however, seems to irritate a few folks, either due to the amounts used, or just a specific intolerence. The solution seems to be simply using more, or even only, Mag-10.



Stu, what's the negative response to the BA? Thanks for the suggestion on dosage.


Curious about this as well.

Is it just bloating/indigestion?


Oh geez,.. there were a few (seriously guys, I think we're talking about 2 individuals) people who couldn't stomach the BA. I believe there was a question thread in the Anaconda forum, and ModBrian (as always -lol) answered the questions and concerns much better than I could. The takeaway for me was simply that some people can't stomach large quantities of BA, nothing more :slight_smile:



My hair starts falling out when I take BA. I've been doing Power Drive + FINiBARs before with two scoops MAG-10 during and whey shake after with success lately.


I have never heard of that before...


LOL are you serious???


it doesn't fall out in clumps or anything, but i definitely noticed much more hair on my pillow and in the shower drain when i was taking the stuff. it was over winter break last year too, so it's not like i was stressed out.