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Anaconda and/or Mag-10 for Fat Loss


I'm wondering what the best use of Anaconda and/or MAG-10 would be for a 4 week cutting phase. Currently I've been using just XTREME ICE to fuel my workouts but was wondering if Anaconda or MAG-10, or maybe a combo of both might be a nice change to try to maintain muscle while I try to lose another 8-10 lbs of fat.

Plan to do 3 full-body workouts per week with two days of HIIT and 1 day of active recovery per week.

For some reason I remember seeing a fat loos protocol in the past but can't seem to find it in the site search.


Pulse fast or pulse feast.


Ok, maybe what I was remembering came before the Pulse Fast and Pulse Feast articles. I'll give one of those a try. Thanks.


If you're low carbing it, they'd be perfect for your peri-workout. I'm pretty sure there used to be a "protocol" for fat loss that called for not using Finibars or Surge pre-workout. Only Anaconda / MAG-10.


Although, for me, the Finibar is the best part about a workout. I've actually been using them as a carb source post workout or on the run. They're friggin awesome!