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If I do not follow the ANACONDA Protocol and just use ANACONDA by itself, is it a good idea to take BCAAs and creatine with it, or is it better to just take ANACONDA?


Are you joking? There is a boatload of creatine in Anaconda...so to answer a portion of your question; it would be a terrible idea to add creatine to ANACONDA. If you can afford ANACONDA, next order I would simply purchase MAG-10 and just add creatine to that...


You won't need BCAAs either. The Casein Hydrolysate will serve the same purpose as the BCAAs.



Just take the ANACONDA.


Are you talking about dicreatine malate? It is listed under MAG-10 part. The whole thing is 11 g, right? So then, if I am using Anaconda, I do not need BCAAs, creatine or Beta-7, which is great, but I am not sure I understand why I need additional MAG-10 since Anaconda seems to already contain it.



you dont need extra Mag-10 but it would help by putting more protein into your body


I added some Extend to my ANACONDA as I had a few servings left in my can. Grape Flavored. It complimented the Biotest grape flavoring nicely and I've seen good gains. As bwbski said, extra protein can't hurt.