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Anacanda Protocol...How to Add in the Power Drive, GPC, and FINiBARs.

Hey coach,

I read your article on the elite level protocol, and then read all the comments on the live spill but i didnt really get a feel for how you add in the 3 extras. My workouts are lasting about 2 hours on the average, and im going for the extreme mass phase.

All opinions are welcome.

Thanks again,


Im mainly just wondering about the Alpha GPC and Power Drive.

Anyone ?



I’d do:

Alpha GPC before workout (90 minutes before or whatever it says on the bottle)

FINiBAR halfway through the workout (this is what I do on top of Surge Workout Fuel when my workouts are about 2h, if they’re shorter I just stick to 1-3 scoops Surge Workout Fuel; I think CT mentioned that if the workout is under 90min he’d recommend the FINiBAR before)

Power Drive after workout