Anabolics with Antibiotics?

Have any of you run a cycle while on long term antibiotics? Is there anything about the antibiotic that would disagree with the cycle or hinder progress?

Have an upcoming wedding and want to raise my test dose (already on trt) before hand but am currently on an antibiotic for some chronic illnesses. Do you see any harm in going to 400mg/week for a few months?

Unlikely to be an issue, but you never know. Which antibiotic and for how long?

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Azithromycin. 500mg 1x/d. Been on it for a few months and will be on it a few more. Used for a chronic illness and when on it I’m seemingly normal. Not bed ridden and throwing up every day.

Also, realistically what gains could I be looking at for 3 months 400mg T. Previous peak weight was 220 before dropping down to 160 because of the illness and having to come off the test all together. Now back on Trt and not bed ridden, I’m currently about 170-175 without really trying. I was thinking getting to 190-200 was reasonable for sure since lots of muscle memory.