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Anabolics in Weightlifting

Hi guys

Forum and gear noob here.
I am a 105+ Weightlifter, lifting fairly decent weights, nutrition is controllable to +/-1-5g on macros daily and I lose weight at sub 5000cal.

The current state of weightlifting is pretty shocking. Its clear that if you are not a genetic freak, or using, you are going nowhere. Im not a genetic freak, ive not decided to use yet but ive decided to start educating myself on exactly what it would involve, what it would do to me, the risks, the cost etc.

Ive started reading forum posts here and articles and this seems like a very good way to start. I have physiology and pharmacology experince from my degrees so clearances and drug/hormore interactions are pretty easy for me to pick up.

What I am finding tricky is weeding out bodybuilder next to athlete dosages and cycle strategies. Ive seen 12week test/oral cycles with pct, ive seen 2week oral 6 week off.

I am looking for some guidance.

  1. First of all I think getting bloods done before ever using is a good idea, am I correct? What should be done? I was thinking Test, LH and a TRT screen to cover liver, blood, kidneys etc.

  2. How often/when should these be repeated?

  3. Orals seem to have less side effects (no bitch tits) but fuck your liver. Is this only on bodybuilder doses? If going lower doses for an athlete, would this still be a concern?

  4. I dont mind jagging and am currently of the opinion that 250mg 2x/wk of some form of test would be a good Weightlifter dose. At this level, are anti estrogens and pct still necessary? I think the fact that I am asking that question is a big red flag that I need to do a fuck load more research :smile:)

I am trying to develop a low/zero side effect (moobs, acne, little water is ok for me but dont want a lot), simple cycle that is suitable for a weightlifter. The key here for me will be managing side effects and understanding testing clearances. Being able to come off and be clear fairly quickly would be desireable.

  1. Is it possible to test yourself without a personal lab or is it just a case of hope the dose on the bottle is legit, know your clerances and then prey you are not a clearance freak and just hold on to the shit?

  2. Would also be useful to know if anyone has any advise on whether a good prep coach would be able to suitably advise a Weightlifter, considering the differences.

Bit of a long post but this is only the tip of the iceberg. Any insight would be appreciated.