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Anabolics Good Choice For Pecs?


Greetings from Iraq
This is my first post,
just looking for some help or pointers..
I'm 6'1, 185 lbs, thinking 10% bf
I've spent about 5 months in the gym since I've been here in Iraq..
and I'm making good gains, seeing results as far as muscle mass..
however, my chest is lagging as it always has.

Last year after a rigorious diet and lots of cardio (aside from what I get in Army Physcial training) my chest
still looked flabby. Oddly my pecs are almost completely solid but they still appear to be sagging.
I lost more muscle then I wanted to by dieting and working out..
so I am now hitting the gym, eating well, and taking supplements, despite
my lethargic looking chest.

Would an Anabolic approach give me the cut look I am wanting in my chest?
Any help would be great as I am frustrated with these f*cking man tits.



Army Dude

hey, this is what i've used for chest for a long time, and it works really well(my chest is the only bodypart i have that is actually really well developed):

Incline Press-3x8-10

anabolics will make eveything grow for ya, so yes, it'll help. however, if you don't take any anti-estrogens or use a good post cycle therapy, you'll get worse "man-boobs"...

also, i was active duty for 3 years, and my chest really didn't grow 'til i got out, and wasn't doing PT all the time.

btw, my Nat Guard unit is heading over in a few months....stay safe over there!


Hey, if I can start out by saying thanks for being in the military : ) Any ways though, how old are you? Deciding on whether or not anabolics is right for you right now takes a lot of factors, such as amount of previous training time, physiological health, and age. Like the other responder said, anabolics will make EVERYTHING grow.


Thanks for the workout routine,
I've already started with the incline press. I've heard about needing an E-block but my worst fear is that anabolics (specifically d-bol)
will cause growth of my chest...
I don't need any growth, being I have sturdy pecks, just looking for a good cut.

Best of luck to you and your National Gaurd unit!

We're all over the place here,
Baghdad, Fallujah, Nasariyah, Mumidiyah,
so I'll be running into you
on the road!


I appreciate your support, all of us over here do.
I am 22 years old, no previous training time besides what I've recieved in the Military. Based on what I've heard about body types, I gain pretty easily and have no problems building muscle...
a couple people have told me
using steroids probably isn't a great idea (phsycologically) in a combat war zone situation.
Basicly I'm looking to get the chest of mine cut without sacrificing muscle...
am I making any sense? :slight_smile:
sorry not much of a thought projectionist


You could consider Winstrol, it has a tendency to "harden up" your muscles and make you alot stronger. Post a pic of your chest and whatnot so we can see what you are dealing with.
By the way, thanks for serving in our Armed Forces!