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Anabolics + ECA Stacks

HI Fellas,

Been away for some time, nice to be back reading all the new posts, anyway I was wondering, is taking test with regular ECA stacks bad dangerous on your heart, I wonder becuase the heart is a muscle that gets over worked when on ECA stacks and with the heart muscle working extra hard can the anabolics in your system cause the heart muscle to grow or anything like that? I understand that for muscle to grow it requires tearing of the fibrous tissue and the resulting repair id the growth, I realise that this does not happen to the heart but surely there is still a grave danger combing the two?


Good to be back :slight_smile:

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cheers Bushy, nice to see your still about :slight_smile:

From what I’ve seen over the years, those who take steroids do not really have heart issues. Those who use steroids in higher doses and abuse stimulants have issues with heart attacks and what have you.

As bushy said, ephedrine is not bad at all, in moderation. Just keep and eye on how you feel. If something seems off or your BP goes through the roof, take it easy.

I noticed a little increase in BP while using Test and ECA but nothing alarming.