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Anabolics 2000

Does anybody have or have read the Anabolics 2000 book? I was gonna buy it but I’m a litle short on cash, but the ad for it caught my eye. It says that winstrol is thought to be very safe anabolic, but it really isnt. They also state that tapering at the end of a cycle is a bad idea. Has anyone else heard this or are they just bs’ing us. Thanks

Well, I’ve said for years that tapering at
the end of a cycle is a bad idea, so certainly
I agree with that point of theirs. It is also true that Winstrol must be treated as with other 17-alkylated steroids (even when it is injected) and be used for limited durations. Or if they were making the point that it is much more virilizing to women than commonly supposed, that’s true also.

I haven’t read the book but from what I know of
Bill Llewyllen, he’s a sharp guy and well informed.