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Anabolic X Factor?

hey guys in reading anabolic 2007 , i came across an ad for anabolic x factor. Its supposed to have been created by william liewellyn. Its supposed to be SAFE and EFFECTIVE. Anyone have any feedback on this. Is this stuff worthy? thanks.

well, you are supposed to stop taking your fish oil…

i think a fish oil/borage oil/CLA stack would go much further in supporting body recomposition goals, while varying your calories (percentage intakes remaining same) will allow you to tune it to maximum fat-loss or muscle gain once you have found the diet that works for you.

here is a write-up on it from an online retailer, note the counter-indications at the bottom:


note: they sell Biotest products including HOT-ROX Extreme (for the rare occasions when Biotest runs out)

in the end, they promise “up to 15 lbs in 50 days”.

which is pretty much what one could achieve without it. plus losing at least 5 pounds of fat in the meanwhile. so even the high end of the results range is laughable.


50 day ‘cycle’ is at least $100

50 days of 20gx30%fish oil $32.50 : 6g DHA-EPA/d
50 days of 10gx74%CLA $50 : 7.4g CLA/d
50 days of 3gx24%borage oil $18.75 : 720mg GLA/d
total for fish/CLA/borage=$101.25

so you can get X factor or you can get a high dose of fish oil and CLA and some borage oil at around $2/d


here is a little quote:

“…you may need to increase your total daily protein and calorie intake in order to gain significant muscle bulk.”

no shit. gee, i wonder what drives the gains.

if you want a muscle builder, go with Carbolin 19 and Se7en because this stuff is either way over-priced or way over-rated, though i say both.

thanks ublo,
thanks for the response. Just another money making thing. Yeah it goes back to the basics, nutrition and training. thanks again for the feedback.