Anabolic Window & Mag-10

Hey Dr. Darden. I was recently reading up on the Anabolic Window and was wondering what your thoughts were on it. Some people say it’s true and others don’t so I’d appreciate some clarity on the subject.

Also, any supplement you can recommend to temporarily replace Mag-10? That maybe will produce somewhat similar results? Seems to be out of stock everywhere I search for it.

Generally, I believe there is an ideal anabolic window. But it’s probably broader than most trainees push.

Plazma can be used instead of Mag-10.

I see. Do you think making use of this Anabolic Window will make a noticeable difference?

Perhaps some?

I think the anabolic window is closer to 6-8 hours after training, so that would be the ideal time to push extra carbs and protein.