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Anabolic vs. Metabolic Diet?

Could someone kinda give me the low down on the changes that are made to the anabolic diet to turn it into the metabolic diet?

If I followed the anabolic diet I would have to eat soo many calories considering my BW is above 250…

I would like to get an abridged version on how the two are different so I can try the metabolic diet…


IMO you do not HAVE to follow the rules to the T in terms of amount of calories etc. Simply eat ONLY fats and protein at MAYBE a 50/50 calorie ratio for the first 2 weeks and then incorporate a 1-2 days carb up, depending on how you handle carbs…I personally gained alot of fat even of this diet, because I did not watch my calories at all and ate way to many bad fats, with dirty carb ups. You will notice that many will give other suggestions, but it is just what worked for them…so take the advice onboard, BUT dont believe it will simply work for you…ONLY YOU WILL KNOW HOW YOUR BODY REACTS TO CERTAING MACRO RATIOS ETC. Also, I would only got with approx 25% saturated fats and the rest healthy fats, from nuts, olive oil, macadamia nut oil, fish oil, natural PB. Check out the “My Experience on the Anabolic Diet” thread.


No significant differences exist between Metabolic Diet and Anabolic Diet.

Only thing that differs is that the metabolic diet has a section that details a “moderate carb intake” with carbs at one gram per pound.