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Anabolic vs Androgenic Index


Anybody know if/where there is an anabolic vs androgenic index for different steroids on the net?? I can remember seeing one ages ago where Test was used as the standard with a rating of 100-100 Anabolic-Androgenic. I think Nandrolone was 60-21 and I?m sure Oral Turinabol was 54-6! Curious about the rest.

Cheers SpartanBF


Anabolics 2005 has those index #'s available for all the steroids listed in the books, but the #'s must be only a loose reference at best. I don't have the book on me, but I recall fairly mild steroids indicated as being more anabolic that test.


so if you just use those number to compare deca to oral turinabol would it be fair to say turinabol is nearly as good as deca at putitng on muscle without the androgenic effects??

or am i chattin rubbish


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I'll throw my two cents in here. I think a strong thing to consider is whether or not the androgen is a class one or two. For example, on paper, Halotestin should kick hella ass. Its like three times as anabolic as test, but over eighteen times more androgenic!

But it is a class two, therefore its effect is less than say trenbolone, whose numbers are five and five (more anabolic and androgenic than test) which would appear to be weaker than Halo, but since it is a class one, we all know it is stronger by far. Maybe, (and I think he will) Cy can chime in here and comment on my thoughts and the thread in general.


so where can we find out whether an ASS is class 1 or 2

comparing deca to oral turanibol is deca a class 1 and OT a class 2 which is why deca is better as building muscle??


Awwright you talked me into it. This is all from memory, but I know there is an article on this sight somewhere about this topic but since I'm wired on 24oz of Rockstar I'll put it up here for you and all.

Class One:
Deca (or anything nandrolone)
Equipoise?(not sure on this one, have heard conflicting reports)

Class Two:
Clordehydromethyltestosterone (currently believed to be so, may be subject to change)
I would also assume that methyltestosterone could go both ways too, not too sure as not enough attention is given to it. I think it could be just as strong as regular test if used with an anti-e though.

There are probably more I'm missing but this should more than cover the basics.
You'll have to check some other boards for the anabolic/androgenic lists, I don't think anyone's posted them here.