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Anabolic to kickstart stubborn bodyparts?

I’ve been working out for 7 years, and I’ve gone from 160 to 198 (mostly muscle) in that time. My challenge is that my core bodyparts seem to be the ones that grow- (chest, back, traps, shoulders, quads), but my extremities-( forearms, calves, biceps and triceps) don’t budge. I’ve tried Poliquin and King programs for these parts, eat a steady diet of 1.8 g. protein per lb. bodyweight. Plenty of carbs and healthy fats. I’ve taken every supplement known to man. The only difference I’ve noticed in size in these parts is when taking the Androsol and Nandrosol.
I’ve never taken anything more potent than those. Which brings my question- would a cycle of any anabolic, combined with a specialization program for these parts kickstart some growth that I could build on when the cycle ends?

Thanks in advance for any input!

Did nobody see my question??? How could it be that there are threads about blowjobs and blond jokes, but no one can answer this question? LOL. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s come up with this question.

Hey Brooklyn Mike, I’ve found that I needed to a little extra to make my biceps grow. My triceps do fine on King’s regular 12 week program, but the bi’s lagged behind. In addition to the regular biceps workout, I added one drop set of dumbbell curls on my chest day. My bi’s seem to grow better at high reps, so this prevents the de-training of the endurance aspect when I go into the heavy stage. It is not a whole lot, but I’ve definitely noticed a difference. You might experiment by adding just one more set at the rep range that you respond best to, for the bodypart you want to concentrate on.

Try not training your arms at all. Maybe you are overtrained. Before you bash it to the ground give one of Mike Mentzer’s routines a try. If 7 years worth of attempts have yielded minimal results and your current progress is minimal to non existent what do you have to lose.