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Anabolic/T-Dawg help

Just wondering if anyone out there experienced losses in muscle mass while on any Cyclic Ketogenic Diet, specifically the T-Dawg diet.

I am currently training 4 times a week,
Day 1- Chest Tri
Day 2- Back Bi
Day 3 -Legs
Day 4- Traps, forearms, abs, calves again

about 3 times a week i swim for 1/2 an hour after my workout,
or i go for a 30-40 minute run.

If i swim after i workout i take in a protein/creatine/small carb drink.

Am I doing too much cardio? My reps are slow and I use heavy weight (6-10reps)

try to make above 2500 calories , protein shakes, meat and eggs are staple foods, carbs only from milk after workout or a granola bar.

Any suggestions on how to hang on to my hard-earned mass would be appreciated, or advice on coming off the diet.

I’ve been on the t-dawg for 3 weeks and am doing pretty good. I’ve lost 4.5 pounds so far. The only problem with the diet is slow recovery. I use surge right after workouts and also had to cut volume about 3-4 sets each workout. I’m also using methoxy 7 and ZMA. I feel that methoxy works pretty good for hanging on to muscle and cutting fat. YOu are pretty much always going to lose a little muscle when you are dieting. I don’t think I’ve lost any yet. Hope that helps.

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Sounds like your workouts are pretty long there bub. Maybe you can pull off some 2 a days if u can and split your cardio and weights. Also swimming is great cardio, but in the long run, you will have a problem with it if you want to get real lean. The body has a tendency to hold onto some fat just for buoyancy and warmth when it comes to swimming. After all, when is the last time you saw a buffed and ripped swimmer. Yea they look lean, but you couldnt draw a muscle on em. Unless you have some kind of injury where you have to be less weight-bearing. Try some sprints or HIT intervals on a bike or stairmaster.