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Anabolic Steroids in Sports


A female olympic athlete was asked " Don't you know that stuff will ruin your voice " ?
And she said "We didn't come here to sing, we came win".
I think that's the attitude of most athletes. Especially since your competition is damn sure on juice. Is it cheating? I don't think so. If you had an NFL team that did not gear up they would get pummled hard each Sunday. So if everybody's good on Sunday it's a level playing field, right?


You're probably not going to get much feedback on this especially since most everyones opinion is hypothetical. Yes, it seems as if a majority of the league does use steroids, but that doesnt necessarily make it "OK". You have to look at the unfair advantage it gives the one's that do vs the one's that decide they want to play naturally (whom I respect greatly for not giving in to the majority). I am in no way against steroid-use (CLEARLY haha) But I am a firm believer that just like in bodybuilding, if you're using and trying to compete in natural competitions you're just using because you have an ego problem.

For the sake of an argument, if everyone didnt use then it would also be a level playing field. Shouldn't HAVE to use in order to even come close to being a big part of the NFL or any sport for that matter. Even baseball, people are starting to see all the heavy hitters have use some sort of gear in their career.

This is an argument that will never end.



There's no argument. Steroids are in use by ALL athletes.


Lol, you're ignorant.


thats the stupidest comment i've ever heard
fact is as much as i hate it there are genetic freaks, especially in NFL who are much better than you or me no matter how much juice we decide to take, and they can be lifetime natural
unless your one of the those few.. spewing

but no doubt there are alot of steroids in sport we can never really know how much though


Yea maybe the kicker doesn't use, oh wait I take that back..Deca for his hip counts!


In my opinion I dont think ALL athletes use steroids, but I believe some do. Is it cheating? Depends, if the majority is using, then no. If someone is using to compensate for a disadvantage (eg. way weaker then your opponents) then I dont think so. In a perfect world it should be a perfectly level playing field, so with that being said then if you're using and you're already better then everyone else then I consider that cheating.

I just wish it was all legal, then everyone could have easy access to quality gear and there wouldnt be any pissing around but you'd need something in place to stop the idiots from using it wrong. But that argument should be another thread.


are you talking about amateur sports (participated mostly by people out of personal interest), professional sports (olypic stuff), or entertainment orietend sports (NBA, Football etc) ?
I think sports is like war. The doping regulation is like the Geneva convention. If USA can detain and terminate anyone as they see fit, use enhanced interrogation methods, (I like this phrase, it's so politically correct lol )
Surely we can use enhanced regenerative methods, be it chemical, genetic, or cybernetic.


If all human are manufactured with the same specification, then we will have a true level playing field.


Not sure if you were replying to me or the thread itself, but I was meaning sports in general. Leaving it pretty broad I know. I just cant think of any sports off the top of my head where I'd be COMPLETYLY against steroids, obviously with the exception of minor sport leagues(kids). Mind you, a juiced 10year old rugby player could be fun to watch.


I was not replying to you specificlly. I am just have a bit of rant:)
Most people involved in sports have a competitive spirit, they want to achieve something. It could be personal satisfaction, financial gain, or fame. AAS is just a method of performance enhancement.
There are certain attributes that are required to succeed in sports.

Mental, phyical capability are largely determined by genetic. But there are other aspects of life that play a important role. Family background, financial support, geographic location etc. So perfornabce enhancement can come in many ways. e.g the poor kid have great genetics, but i have a rich family, which mean I have access to proper nutrition, restorative methods, can train full time, have multiple professional coaches. Which in turn level the playing field.

I don't think this is cheating. So the priciple of using PED to break the barrier imposed by otherwise "average" genetics is quite acceptable. I think it is just leveling the playing field.


Yeah I didnt think you were but wasnt 100 percent on it. I think most of us at testosterone nation enjoy a good rant from time to time.


And time to time seems like pretty much all day around here. :slight_smile:


Either very ignorant and closed-minded or a troll.


My issue is where do you draw the line? What about Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy? That is by no means normal, and allows athletes to come back from injuries EXTRAORDINARILY fast. Should they be allowed to use this for rehab? What about HGH? How about the suits that the swimmers wore in the latest olympics that allowed them to SHATTER previous world records?

There are so many factors in the advancement of sport that I fail to see how and where the line is drawn between what is "fair" and what is "unfair."


The point isn't who has a edge or not whether that is attained by a swimsuit or a bench shirt.. it is that no athlete is allowed to use BANNED PED or banned techniques (blood doping) to gain an edge.
No athlete is allowed to run inside of his/her track either - but they do run to the nearest edge of the lane to the curve..is that unfair on the person who doesn't - or is it good sport?

It is really quite simple in my eyes.. if it is banned, you can't use it. Simple as that - even playing field arguments are pointless, as someone pointed out - if the playing field was truly even, it would make for the end of sport. It is the NATURAL differences that make a sport - this includes physical AND mental attributes.. if a guy has a particular affinity for the technique in the triple jump, he will possibly progress faster than one who has to try harder to perfect his form.

Your argument schmazz, suggests that this is an unfair advantage.. that if someone has a better parentage and thus gifted genes, then it is unfair. What about a Test tube baby where the mother chose a donor who is athletic - with designs on having an athletic child?

Well - IFAIK this happens IRL too, where a woman chooses a mate who seems fit, healthy and with good genes to add to her pool (unconscious of course).

Why do men like big tits and wet cunts? Fertility. What about those men who choose athletic bodied and minded women? Does this mean you have given your child an unfair advantage by inseminating an athletic woman then driving the child into sports? Fuck no.

Swimsuits are not banned - so can be used. PED's are, so cannot.


good post
now you got me thinking about the gussit i choose lol :slight_smile: