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Anabolic Retard Magazine

I have been recieving a magizine/30 page black and white advertisement that ryhymes with catabolic ghostrider, for quite awhile now. I ordered some of their stuff back when I was about 20 (before I knew any better). ANyway I still do look through this thing before I throw it out just for shits and giggles. I just have to say that if anyone feels some of the posts I’ve made or even some of the other guys have made on this board are juvenile, basic minded, or just plain-fuckin-STUPID. YOu should check this magzine out.

Here’s a little sample from the q&a

Why doesn’t she want me?

I see a lot of the girls from my gym out at this local bar. I’ve been home with most of them at one time or another. They’re all beautiful and are in good shape, but I get bored of the same ass over and over again! I sometimes make the rounds again, for the heck of it. I always try to invite new women into the mix, but there aren’t a lot of new women in this town. So finally, there’s a new girl at our gym and I saw her out the other night, but she didn’t give me the time of day. This girls is hot and I can’t understand why she doesn’t want me. I’m hot too. All of the girls at my gyms climb on my jock and want it constantly! It makes me mad that this girl doesn’t! Should I just get her really drunk and have my way with her anyway?

My response. Well maybe she’s a lesbian. Try cutting your dick and balls off with a rusty butter knife, then carve yourself out a nice vagina. Don’t take anymore anti-e’s when your on cycle so you grow a nice set of boobies. Get yourself a cute little outfit, maybe some platforms and lipgloss, and be sensitive. Or you could just do the rest of mankind a favor and jump head first off a fucking cliff…but if you do be sure to de-wang yourself with the rusty butter knife first as we wouldn’t want anyone to be donated your constantly climbed on jock…jerk-off LOL.

ANyone else have a solution for this self proclaimed “hot” guy? BTW the upside of this article is knowing that I’d say a solid 60% of the guys you see out in bars and clubs probably think this exact way. Always nice to know I have a HUUGE leg up on dickjaws like this. Thanks for making my life ALOT easier.

You can explore the depths of stupid, but I doubt that you will find bottom.
There is just no explaination for people like that.

Anyone else read the free magazine I’m talking about?

[quote]JackedJack wrote:
Anyone else read the free magazine I’m talking about?[/quote]

What magazine is it?

[quote]IL Cazzo wrote:
JackedJack wrote:
Anyone else read the free magazine I’m talking about?

What magazine is it?


I’m trying to figure out the rhyme and i just can’t do it.

Please tell us

“Anabolic Insider” and every other page is an advertisement for their products. I fell for that crap when I was starting out too.


I think this is the same “magazine” that used to steal my articles, put another byline on them and publish them. Real class act. Those stolen T-Nation articles were about the only real articles in there as I recall.

Funny, they stopped mailing me their rag after I called them up to let them know we were on to them. How fucking stupid was that? Rip off a guy’s articles then mail him a copy!?