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Anabolic Power of Insulin vs. GH

Newbie question. For fat loss, is the power of insulin or GH greater? As my mom won’t let me go on a keto diet, I plan to either try massive eating (but with cutting-amount calories) or the warrior diet. Which produces the more favorable hormone for fat loss? Massive eating articles said fat loss would happen with those meal combinations. How does the warrior diet take advantage of the anabolic and fat loss power of insulin or not? Would Delta 1250 be a better idea? What do yall recommend? Thanks.

First off, insulin is not catabolic, it is only anabolic. Hence the lack thereof, for eg. in a keto diet, causes fat loss. GH, in my opinion, should be diregarded. Since it takes years of hGH injections to see any effect, a three month natural program won’t do much.

With the warrior diet, you fast all day long, creating fat loss, then gorge yourself with food starting post work out. This is essentially a very distorted version of massive eating, and it tends to lead to too much overeating. Delta 1250 has the same principle as the warrior diet, overeat undereat, but it’s spread out during a weeks time. I would rate it above the warrior diet. For more info check out the faq…

P.S. Years ago when I lived at home, I could sneak keto diets under my parents nose. Since I was school all day long I would eat protein + fat. Then at supper, with my family, I would try to eat as little carbs as possible.