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Anabolic Pharma

I am thinking of purchasing some products from this site and wondering if anyone has had any experiences with them either good or bad.

if preferred anyone can send me a pm with info on this


They seem to have a decent rep [never used them myself] you can be a guinea pig if you’re willing to pay their prices which average between 2x-3x times what you should be paying for those products.


Used them a while ago before I really knew the score. The order (winstrol) didnt come after a month I e-mailed them to bitch they responded and eventually shipped but had a real shitty attitude and bad english.

Oh yeah and theyre a fucking rip off. Your buying roids not some mythical treasure. Hunt through these forums and you’ll find a wealth of information including a bit about internet orders-good luck and be sensible

It takes me over a month to get stuff of them and I’m livin in Europe so thats just crazy. Yeah and there English is shocking.

But in fairness they are helpful and will resend stuff if it dosent come even without a seizure notice.

Pharma Europe seems to be better.