Anabolic O.D.'s Anabolic Diet Log

First, I have been lurking around T-Nation for about a year now, and figured that I would finally join up. I am starting a log on my Anabolic Diet Log, hoping it will add more motivation to my transformation.

I have already been on the anabolic diet for a good 4 weeks, or the induction phase I lost about 5 pounds and feel I gained some solid muscle as well. My recovery time also feels like it is through the roof. I will be logging my intake and workouts daily.

The reason I am staring this diet is to get leaner for the upcoming football season, in high school I was a run stuffer, now I need to be a pass rusher. I will be balancing this while being a full time engineering student.

I picked the anabolic diet because I love eating meat and eggs, plus I live in a frat house where hamburger, bacon, eggs, and fatty chicken are the staples, sweet.

My workout schedules as of now are 3 workouts a week that just kill me, (I have been lifting for 7 solid years), in two weeks it is going to be ramped up to 5, with two workouts being speed and conditioning workout.

My carb ups so far are 12 hrs from when I wake up saturday to when I fall asleep saturday. Yesterday I ate easily 13000 g of carbs in that 12 hr period.

I will post up intake later today and for the entire week.

Height: 6’1"
Weight: 315
BF: 25%

52000 calories from carbs alone yesterday huh? All I can say is wow.

Yeah, I know, I keep it short and intense. I feel great today, and I am definitely gonna need to use that sweet sweet glycogen tomorrow at 6:30 workouts.

edit, I meant 1300 g carbs, 13,000 would have been retarded lol

Today’s Food Intake

Noon: Breakfast: 4 fried eggs, 5 slices bacon

4 pm: Lunch: Pizza in a bowl: mozzarella cheese, parmasean cheese, pepperoni, and low carb pizza sauce

6 pm: 2 burgers bacon, onion, lots of cheese, and mayo

Goal: Cut down to 265 and 10% body fat.

After I injured my pecs at a bench competition last year, I hope to ease my way back up to 500. Right now I am at a respectable 385-390.

I would like to improve my squat back above 600, after a nasty patella tendon injury brought me down to 500.

Lastly, and most importantly I want to increase speed and explosiveness to optimal levels. I am talking sub 4.9 40’s and increasing my clean and jerk over 300.

This morning’s workout was great, awesome full pumps, felt like my arms and chest were bursting at the seems.

Bench Press: 1859 2357 2854 2854 2854 2854 2954 2954

Incline Dumbbell Punch Press: 10* 40’s 845’s 6 50’s

One Legged DB Squat: 9* 65’s 7* 70’s 5 sets of 4 with 75’s

Hang Cleans (focus on technique and start below knee level) 4*4 at 135

Clean Raises 4*4 at 225

Overall Workout felt awesome

Great Anabolic Breakfast: 4 eggs, ham cheese, and bacon.

Today’s food intake:

7:00 AM 4 eggs, ham, cheese, and 6 slices bacon

11:00 AM 12 OZ Steak, side salad, ranch dressing

3:00 AM Pizza in a Bowl Mozz. Cheese, Pepperoni, low carb pasta sauce.

5:00 AM Low carb Country fried steak, large garden salad and ranch dressing.

Overall, no post workout soreness that I had been getting on a usual high carb low fat diet. Energy levels were great even on only 4 hours of sleep.

No soreness or hunger today, workout tomorrow

10:00am 3 eggs 3 slices bacon
12:00am 3 burgers,cheese, bacon
4:00 pm 2 pork tenderloins 1 cup of green beans
9:00 pm Pizza in a bowl

approximately 2700 kcals

This Morning’s Workout



Hang Cleans (begin below knee)

Today’s food intake.

9am 3 eggs 3 slices bacon
1pm 3/4 pound hamburger cheese, mayo
4pm large salad, ranch dressing 2 salsbury steak
8pm 1 piece of salsbury steak small salad

No soreness of any kind, carb up and weigh in tomorrow

For people on the anabolic diet do they not worry about the negative effects of taking in that much fat?

Like what negative effects? In terms of serum cholesterol, diets similar to this that have been more rigorously medically reviewed have yeilded results of lowering serum LDL and raising HDL. In other words, an overall improvement.

If you are worried about cancers associated with high fat diets, a recent large scale study (with an N of over 1,000) revealed no difference in cancer or heart disease between those on a low fat and those on a normal diet. As of yet, the theories of cancer’s connection to dietary fat consumption is unknown and controversial.

And, if you are worrying about obesity and insulin resistance, perhaps you should read more about this diet.

The only real worry in my eyes would be the lack of antioxidants, which can be offset by the addition of low carb green vegetables during the week (along with the prescribed multivitamin, vitamin E, fish oil, etc), along with the inclusion of fruit, veggies, etc. on the weekend carb ups.

If you see other concerns, voice them, I’d be curious.