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Anabolic nutrition

Wandering through the cupboard reading nutrient labels for something edible, the anabolic diet came to mind and i was wondering if this was in any way a way to ‘accomplish’ this diet:
Olive oil
small amount of milk
just those three things. No i’m prob not going to try this, at least not for a while, but i was wondering what reasonability that combination posed? Olive oil is basicly PURE fat, and 300ml a day would give you around 10,000Kj or around 2400Cal [from memory], and can be bought in 4L cans, while a small can of tuna 3x a day will input 120g of protein or so, with the milk bringing the only carbs…any thoughts?

The creator of the Anabolic Diet strongly suggests red meat. The staples of the diet should be meats, eggs, and cheese, although the foods you mention would work for variety. I’d dump the milk, though.

What’s up with milk, anyway? I happen to be addicted to the stuff, but I keep hearing that it makes your skin thicker, can lead to lactose problems, etc…
Is milk really one of those things to stay away from, or is it like eggs and just got a bad rap through reputation?
It certainly can up the caloric level and taste of a lot of protein powders and MRPs.
Bad idea for optimum T-Man body?

Milk doesn’t go with the AD because the AD only allows 30 grams of carbs per day. Milk has almost that much in one small serving.

Whole milk has a lot of “bad” fats plus a lot of carbs. Not a good combo and a sure path to Lardville for those of us who are carb sensitive. Skim milk is okay sometimes, but I seldom use milk.

Now, if you’re a 130 pound, 6 foot tall 15 year old, sure, guzzle the milk. Anything will help and you’re goal should be higher overall calories. Other than that, I don’t recommend milk very often.

I always drink milk with my protein after a workout, since that’s when John M. B. says it’s best to have carbs and protein.

stifbiz- I used to do the same thing before Surge came out. Just make sure you use skim milk. Remember, you don’t any fat to “blunt” the desired insulin response after training.

If you talk to alternative docs they will tell you that any food you are addicted to is suspicious in being bad for you (explanation is rather long). Unfortunately milk is probably bad for many people besides the ones who are obviously lactose intolerant.