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Anabolic (ketogenic) diet

Hello,guys, I need your opinion.I’m at the beginning of the cutting phase.After reading most of T-mag articles and some FAQs,I decided to give ketogenic diet a go.I plan to carb up only on Sunday,eat 2000 kCal/day (I weigh 96 kg at the moment at 17.5 % BF),less than 20 g of carbs and 2 g/kg protein. What puzzles me is exercising.I plan to work entire body in the first four days of the week and then once again repeat that on Saturday in a giant lopp,as described in lowcarb FAQ I have found in a newsgroup. In the first four days I will work with heavier weights and lower reps and during Saturday depletion workout I am supposed to use lower weights and use repetition range of 15-20. This should a) give the muscles signal to “maintain” during heavy weights earlier in the week and b) deplete the glyconed before carb up. Another question is as follows: is 100 ug of Cytomel (T3) per day combined with Clenbuterol during short 3-week
cycle going to burn muscle tissue along with fat in combination with ketogenic diet?

Please, comment on this! Tnx.

Well, according to the author of the diet, Dr. DiPasquale, the Anabolic diet isn’t ketogenic and he says ketosis is not a state you’d want to be in anyway. (There’s an interview with him at T-mag somewhere.) But Bill Roberts has said that if you go under 100 carbs a day, you’re in ketosis, regardless of what any little sticks say.

I think all the workout stuff is carrying it too far. The diet will work fine without all that stuff. I just train normally on the diet and drop fat like crazy. As for drugs, why not just wait to see what the diet will do first before you drug up?