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Anabolic Insider


Have any of you tried products from the Anabolic store? The brand name is Impact.The products are Maxteron,Equi-Bolan and DermaGain.They also sell Biotest Methoxy 7. I keep getting The Anabolic Insider. Seems like a bunch of hype to sell supplements, to me. I was just wondering.


Impact has a bad rep. They're known as a "take advantage of newbies who don't know any better" company. Anabolic Insider is just a bunch of ads that try to convince you that Equi-bolin is a real steroid. They just come off real sleazy in my book.


Whenever I see one of these types of mags I usually skim through it to see if there is anything in it. I just saw the new Anabolic Insider, and they actually have the nuts to copy one of T-Mags articles. All they did was change a few things. Nothing compares to Muscle Media 2000 circa 1993...except of course...!