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Anabolic Flavones


Methoxy and iproflavone are described on bodybuilding.com as extremely anabolic substances, and they supposedly have studies to back it up. The hungarian company Chinoin did research on methoxy and iproflavone and from the results i read...they both seem to be very promising substances. Biotest even has a Methoxy-7 product out. Studies cant really lie can they? To me they seem overwhelming to say the least and I cant understand why the anabolic flavones arent the leading supplement and well known, if the they are as effective as the research shows them to be. Can someone explain this to me please?




i'm sorry i can't explain it to you but i can tell you that Biotest Methoxy-7 is some good shit. its just a little FYI. hope you find what your looking for


I can't really answer your question because I know nothing of the subject matter, but I will say that if you base your conclusions on the logic of that statement above you might be asking for a world of hurt.

Some "studies" can be a real crock. Many that shed light favorably on particular products, supplements, etc. are funded by the companies who sell the supplement. Just be sure you do your homework.

Not being a dick, just looking out with a general FYI :slightly_smiling:


dude try searching next time.

this is what i've found

ecdysterone is useless:

methoxy-isoflavone has been further refined for higher bioavailability and is what we call Methoxy-7.