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Anabolic Diet

Anyone have success with the Anabolic Diet?

Success doing what? Tell us more about whether you wonder if you can gain on it, cut up, or what.

Success with the diet phase, but I prefer Duchaine’s Body Opus. The Bulk phase of the Anabolic Diet is a real “Mutha”. It’s very hard to take in that many fat grams as recommended. I just couldn’t do it.

Success, why yes indeed. I have embarked on the Anabolic diet more or less by mistake. I am not really trying to gain or loose weight and have adjusted the calories to maintain. I have been 175 lbs give or take for 6 weeks now. To begin with one felt a shade weak but as the time has gone by and the body adapts I am very pleased with the results. In 6 weeks all lifts are up at least 10%, now that is good. Each workout I continually surprise myself with the aditional reps or increased weight. I would give it a go and stick with it for at least 4 weeks. Try as I did and aim at maintainance calories for that time. John

I have used it in the past with AS and had great results. Results on anabolic diet were better than past cycles using “see” food diet. I’ve been off gear for a year now and am currently using a thermogenic and a spray on andro. Getting great results with that too. I don’t know why anyone would think it is hard to get that many calories. Fat is the easiest thing to eat. Mix a couple tablespoons of flax or canola oil in a protein shake, eat cheese, pepperoni, bacon, and high fat food. Damn, i ate a pound and a half of bacon for breakfast yesterday, that right there was around 1500 calories. Good diet though.