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Anabolic Diet

Has anyone tried the Anabolic Diet from Dipasquale? I have used it several times since it came out with great results. Since then Dr. Mario has updated this original diet and I was wondering if any of you have tried the new diet. If so, what are the changes in the diet?

The basic anabolic diet was low carbs for 5 days followed by a weekend of ‘carbing up’. For a lo carb diet this works great. I personally was losing fat so fast and keeping my strength after about 5-6 weeks I decided to really put it to the test. On one weekend I ate approx 11,500 calories and the next weeks workouts were very strong plus I looked leaner though my scale wt. stayed the same.

Shugart wrote an article on it, I don’t think he cared for it all that much, “Eat Like a Man” or something.

I used it w/ great success. Lost about 18 pounds of fat and put on about 5-6 pounds of muscle in 3 months. Those numbers may not be staggering but consider, that during that time I ate my share of ice cream, pizza, Mexican food and even boozed here and there (hey, I was in college) and still went to from block-shaped to lean and muscular. I’d would wholeheartedly recommend it.

[quote]sam747 wrote:
Shugart wrote an article on it, I don’t think he cared for it all that much, “Eat Like a Man” or something.[/quote]

No, I liked it okay. It was my first experience with a low carb diet. The bulking portion was a failure though.

TC and I later improved upon the low carb diets with weekend carb-ups with the T-Dawg Diet and T-Dawg 2.0.

The AD has been an awesome scheme to follow. I’ve added serious muscle with it, and contrary to every arm-chair “nutritionist” and guru out there, you cannot beat Dr. Di’s credentials and research. The only problem people have with it is that they never show some nuggets and do the thing right. You MUST do it for about 6-8 weeks to really adapt. After this, you’ll never feel the same.

As far as bulking up, it’s easy. Just get in what YOU need as far as caloric intake. You don’t necessarily need to use 20-25 cals per lb of bodyweight. I’m 235-240 and I eat about 3,600 cals per day on weekdays, then about 4000 on the weekend days, and I’m doing fine. You really only “need” those higher cals when you are eating carbs. I don’t believe that anyone but a genetic anomaly needs over 4000 cals to gain, and this can be attained on the AD with good fats such as olive oil, walnuts, cheeses, butter, and salad dressing in addition to the meats. Protein powder with some oil is very calorie dense and very easy to get down.

Dr. Di suggests to really up the carb loads in the mass phase. But I’ll tell you from experience, as I’ve used the AD for 8 years, that you’ll feel much better if you utilize starches for the bulk of your load and don’t make it an ice cream and candy orgy. I always do well with 70% quality carbs such as potatos, yams, pasta, rice, oatmeal, breads, fruits, etc… and then I also leave plenty of opportunity to enjoy some pizza, ice cream, etc… This depends on your individuality with respect to insulin sensitivity.

One caveat that the good doc points out on his site in the FAQ section is that most do best with about 24-36 hours of heavy loading. More moderate loading can be done up to 48, but most will hammer the carbs with a vengeance, so monitor yourself. The concept is written in stone, not the exact numbers. This depends on you. As I’m a serious veteran of the AD, I get really annoyed at the insistance that carbs are “necessary” and are where it’s at.

Good luck finding anyone with Dr. Di’s credentials both academically and practically. And if that is not enough, you should read Natural Hormonal Enhancement by Rob Faigin. It has 1700 references, and Rob has a physique to prove the benefits. This book is awesome for it’s full depth and detail on the cyclical diet. Notice that I did not say CKD. There is no ketosis involved here long term. If you have ketosis issues, then you’ve not adapted to the fatty acids yet. Ketosis is NOT the goal and Dr. Di states this repeatedly, but guys like Lyle MacDonald, Dan Duchaine, etc… focus on this to the detriment of seeing the real magic of the AD.

Dr. Di’s new book the Anabolic Solution is good, but if you have the AD already, then do yourself a favor and look up Rob Faigin’s book. You’ll be armed to the teeth for the rest of your natural days.

Disc Hoss

Yeah, I should have mentioned that too. A 36 hour carb up for me was plenty. 48 hours of carbs, clean or otherwise, was too much for me.

I agree that the bulk of the carbs should be clean w/ some treats thrown in.

Yea, clean carbs. On my ‘carb up’ weekends I’d start off with one or two of those Bluberry Muffins the size of my head and then proceed to Pizza, Big Macs, Brownies. Talk about a sugar crash. Sometimes I couldn’t get off the couch for hours. This diet is crazy good though. My wife tried it though and it was a disaster for her. She’s always done well with basic low fat, eat your cottage cheese and chicken breasts diets. Even on the low carb days I ate food like: Bacon, Little Smokies, Hamburgers without the bun, Eggs with the yolk, hardly ever any chicken. After about 4 months or so I had my cholesterol checked and my LDL or whatever the ‘bad’ kind is, was 170 while the ‘good’ kind was way high.