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Anabolic Diet

I have been reading the articles in t-mag about the Anabolic Diet and was wondering whether you had to keep your total daily caloric intake at a certain level. I have constructed a diet that fits in with the correct percentage of fat/protein/carbs, but I’m not sure whether I have to keep my calories below my normal required intake or can I ingest as many calories as I like as long as this ratio is adhered to? What is the difference between the mass phases and the cutting phases that I’ve been reading about on the message board, I’m assuming that the ratio is changed somewhat.

Also, should I be doing any aerobic activity to assist in fat burning or just stick to weights.

I’m sure some of you are thinking why don’t you just read DiPasquale’s damn book but I’m in Australia and have had no luck in getting my hands on a copy, any help would be appreciated.

No, just read the “Eat Like a Man” articles. They give a nice summary of the diet. You start out on a maintenance phase for 3-4 weeks where you eat calories in the amount of 18 times your bodyweight. Then, depending on your goals, you can switch to either the “mass phase” or the “cutting phase.”

You didn’t mention if you want to lose fat or gain mass? I have been in a fat removal process. And I now keep my calories at 12x body weight (low for the anabolic diet, but I’ve been cutting since Jan after a 20year bulking cycle). Mon-Fri I’m at 2100 cal, Sun at 2400 and Sat 3900. In either the book or the video it mentions that total calories for the week is important and even suggests that you can hold back some calories and add them to the weekend if you like. BTW the ratios are the same for cutting, mass and maintenance, the calorie level change.