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Anabolic Diet

I think you will love the anabolic diet! If you are already doing a ketogenic diet, you probably don’t feel lethargic no more on a carb free diet. I weighted 165 and dropped to 158 in about a month, eating 1500 calories a day on weekdays and 2500-3000 on weekends. No matter what junk I ate during weekends, I still managed to lose a solid 1.5 lbs every week (I used MD6). Even on a diet, my strenght was increasing. Right now, I’m on a weight gain phase, and my diet is more traditional. But for the diet phase, the anabolic diet is the way to go. BTW, don’t plan anything important on saturdays, because you will sleep my friend!

If you are interested in excessive free radical production, accelerated tumorigenesis, liver lesions, alzheimer’s or other premature mental disorders, then continue excess protein consumption. Research over the past 30 years demonstrates conclusively the relationship between high protein consumption and cancer and aging. The defense that in our early carnivorous days, we consumed meat on the hunt. The meat we consume today is nothing like it. Anti-biotics and steroids greatly alter the genetic sturture of the steak you are grilling. In ten years we will view the consumption of protein in a similar vain that we view the tobacco industry.

Virus may have a point, I believe deepak chopra is espousing the very same thing and he has an ageless body and timeless min…whoa what the hell am i saying? bring on the tumors and the al the al oh i forget the name of it.

The Anabolic worked great for me. During the week the only thing I did different was add more protein (am I gonna die virus)to help with the androsol. On the weekend I got out the beer and donuts and anything else that was in my sight. As far as supplements I took Grow (just after workouts),MD6,whey and casein protein,and Androsol. After two weeks I took out the Androsol and added Tribex and Methoxy. MD6 I only took during the week. After six weeks my bodyfat was just below 6% and all my lifts went threw the roof. I highly recommend giving it a try

What was you BF to start with? I am between 14-19%. My goal is to get between 10=12%.

Ripped my BF was just alittle over 12%. I used the same workout that Poliquin mapped out in his 1-6 principle article,If that helps any. In order to carb up on the weekends I had to stay under 30 carbs during the week. MD6 worked better then anyother thermo I’ve ever taken as long as I kept the carbs down low during the week. Make sure you take in plenty of flaxseed and fish oils during the week.

Hey Jeff I agree with Max, get “The ketogenic Diet”. I have also read “The Anabolic Diet” and “Bodyopus” and found Lyle McDonald’s book to be the most complete by far. Why are you going from a TKD to a CKD if you are getting good results? I have been on a CKD twice and found that the carb load day/days to be the most challenging. One can easily eat far to much carbs and sleep all day. In addition the duration of your carb load will determine the makeup of your exercise program.

Ahh, to be young and bullet proof again. How many here are getting paid to become the next Mr. Shaved Ape 2000? Who got a better job because of it? Even better, who got laid more because of a ketogenic diet? I would think that some greater goal would be appropriate. I am surprise as to the motivation and mob mentally associated with higher protein ingestion. What is the long term cost associated with this dietary lifestyle? The evidence is overwhelmingly opposed to excessive protein ingestion. The silverback gorilla is the strongest primate on the planet. He can easliy arm curl 800 lbs but has never consumed a ketogenic diet or a whey protein shake. His diet is largely plant based with moderate protein comsumption. I have walked this road before most of you. I have seen my friends health destroyed. I have read the research and so should you. The course to biological preservation is not in the pages of The Anabolic Diet,Protein Power or The Ketogenic Diet. Read THE DIGITAL MANTRAP by James Autio. Look at the research page by the American Cancer Society. Think if over and decided for yourself. Remember there is a very fine line between your hobby and mental illness.

I am proud to say that YES i did happen to get laid more because of a ketogenic diet! Also, you can find research that fits any eating style you want. restriction of protein is one of the methods that cults use to keep their pray weak! Also, I feed my pet gorilla grow and vegetarians, he is over 1500 pounds and can kick any jungle gorilla’s ass hands down. Finally (mr. or mrs. censor this is not a flame) what the hell are you doing on a shaved ape’s site expounding on low protien vegetarian diets in the first place? And please, please stop hogging the cable cross over machine doing those stupid leg lifts

I am mostly reading post from 5’wannabe athletes, who were too short, too slow and had sand kicked in their face talk about the 2-3 grams of CHO they neglect to eat that day. What a life! I half laugh at the posting and half feel sorry for such a group of half wits. Hopefully, I reach one of two indivduals who want to learn, and have yet to march with the lemmings. (James- Might want to do a search on WEBMD. Also I said moderate protein consumption not vegetarian-Einstein) I can see by a few responses that these are indeed a minority. I am extremely entertained by the posts. Here is something to hang your hat on: “WHAT IS THE WILDEST POSITION YOU HAVE SEEN AT THE GYM?” Go ahead. Keep with you dietary lifestyles and mainline yourself to the morgue. Plenty of good seats available. Nobody will miss your simpleton ass anyway. PS—My gorilla could kick you gorillas ass any day.