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Anabolic Diet


Hi everyone

I am currently 227lbs and I love lifting heavy I use a powerlifting and a bodybuilding hybrid system so that I can get the best of both worlds.

I always wanted to try the anabolic diet due to the good results everyone got but I just didn't have the will power at the time to do low carb but now I could do it easily I think after years of following a bodybuilding
Diet and learning to say no.My main goal is to cut body fat I realise that the anabolic diet might not be the "best" diet but it's the best for me currently, the things I can eat during the no carb weeks or little carbs are things I enjoy and probably will love.

I wanted advice from anyone who has done the diet?

I am currently 222lbs this morning, I am
Supposed to do 222lbs x 18 for my calories minus 500 for cutting

This seems like a lot of calories, I am about 18% body fat currently and work a job where I sit most of the day with little exercise.I workout 4 days per week as I need time to recover plus any more I seem to slow gains in strength.

Fats: I will have plenty of Saturated fats that for sure but which mono/poly fats from food
Would people recommend?I hate fish I can only eat tuna/white fish the others just make me feel like vomiting I have had this issues since if was young.

Meat: the author chooses things like pepperoni,steaks etc do you guys think some home made
Burgers from british beef would be cool?suppose the fatty stuff would be good too?Anyone recommend any other meats?i am kinda stumped to what to pick I want to stick to red as that's whats recommended?not sure tuna would be good?

Cheeses? Edam,moz are my fav so added them what other cheeses did People use?

Also any advice or recommendations would be welcome

I will appreciate any advice from people I am a little
Confused and worried I may not have the diet down,

So far got 3000 cals with 60% fat/40% protein and 10% carbs as the good doctor recommended


[quote]Stuntcarrot wrote:

So far got 3000 cals with 60% fat/40% protein and 10% carbs as the good doctor recommended

Bruh… Lol


Yah what?


Look who doesn’t put in 110%


[quote]Envision wrote:
Look who doesn’t put in 110%[/quote]
I give up believing in society.


10% carbs? Typo? My sweet spot was 50gr. Find your on your own.

Any meats. Doesn’t matter, just eat it. Keep it fresh. Stay away from processed meats as much as possible.

All cheese except the low fat kind. Triple cream brie? You betcha.

Cook everything with extra fat (EVOO, coconut oil, bacon fat…)

Keep your carbs to green stuff, and you should be fine.

It is a lot of calories. Eat it or don’t do it.

Drink heavy whipping cream, not milk.

Find a website and record your food. you will be amazed on many foods contain carbs (milk, nuts, seeds, etc).


Cheese will save you on this diet ( my favorite is goat cheese from Sam’s, you will either love or hate the texture). It is the only thing I don’t get sick of. Even bacon gets old after a while.

Make sure you are supplimenting fiber in your diet, psyllium husk works great to keep everything moving.


I applaud that you’ve decided to follow this diet program. I’ve eaten like this for a long time, so I have some advice for you:

1.) Read the original T-Nation forum. There is a ton of valuable information. Especially DH’s post.


2.) Strive for 33% sat, 33% mono, 33% poly

3.) Olive oil, eggs, nuts, and beef are your friends.

4.) Eat sausage, bacon, and the like in moderation. These should not be staples of your diet.

5.) Follow the diet to a T (<30g of carbs a day) for at least 3-4 months. Then on only then can you think of making any alterations… I never did, some find it necessary.

6.) During the induction phase don’t count calories. Eat when you’re hungry. Go the 12 days without a carb up, you’ll be happy you did.

7.) Due to mis information, many people think this is a kenogenic diet. That is not what the good Doctor intended and that is not the goal.

8.) For extended knowledge read “Natural Hormone Enhancement” by Rob Faigin.

9.) Many have found that waving calories though the week lead to better fat loss. (i.e. Monday 4500 Tuesday 4000 Wednesday 5000 Thurs 4000 Friday 4500). The best way to do this is to shoot for a weekly caloric goal.

  1. On the weekends I normally follow an 80/20 rule. 80% of my carbs are “clean” the other 20% “fun”

11.) If you find you are not loosing weight on a 36-48 hour carb up. You can drop down to 24 hours. I’ve found success with this method.

12.) Get your fiber (nuts, veggies, flax) Otherwise you’ll pay on the throne.

13.) Take in a good deal of fish oil.

14.) Stick with it… It takes some more time to adapt than others.

These are just some off the top of my head. If I think of some more I’ll keep em coming!

Good luck!,


[quote]Envision wrote:
Look who doesn’t put in 110%[/quote]

This made my day lmao


Where is this diet located? I was looking to do a tkd, but I am convinced to try the anabolic diet instead. I dirty bulked this winter. I know look like a water retaining seacow. I have looked for the original version woth no luck. I’m @ about 15% bf. would this be ideal for me?