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Anabolic Diet while using Mag-10

As I read, it is suggested that high intake of carbs be tooken with MAG-10, but why is that?

So, I’m assuming that the anabolic diet would not be beneficial or would it? I’m greatly interested in trying the anabolic diet but not sure.


I mean would the anabolic diet be useful while taking MAG-10.

only do the diet if you KNOW you can metabolize the fats efficiently. I used the anabolic diet during a 3 week steroid cycle and I got a lot bigger but put on a lot of fat as well, but the CKD generally sucks for me for any of my goals, so I replace more fat w/ protein and I get results. For your goals I think you’d be better with 2g protein per lb of bodyweight, plenty of Smart Fats, (Flax, Fish, Cod Liver Oils), as well as low GI carbs, mainly from greens, use a carb load every 5th day, or just carbs Post-workout from something like surge if your bodyfat is low. Raising insulin levels w/ high carb meals all day will do nothing to help build muscle but will be great at making you fat, as well as decreasing insulin sensitivity, which leads to diabetes. Use insulin strategically and reap its benefits w/out the fat gain and physical degeneration it causes if chronically high.

Your question has been answered a few times in the MAG-10 articles at T-mag. Do not use the Anabolic Diet or any super low carb diet if you want to gain muscle while using MAG-10.

We’ve gone to great lengths to provide diet advice for those using MAG-10 (Growth Surge Project, Choose Your Weapon, MAG-10 FAQ, MAG-10 Roundtable, MAG-10 Plan for Success etc). Follow it and the training advice if you want max results.

This is not a slam against you Mike, but I’m going to be very pissed off if I get any letters that say, “MAG-10 didn’t work for me. I did a Muscle Media training routine and used a vegetarian diet I got out of Men’s Fitness. MAG-10 just doesn’t work.”

On a side note, I’ve had a few steroid users tell be they had fake gear because it “didn’t work”. Turns out it was real gear but they didn’t train or eat correctly so they didn’t see good results. Okay, rant over.

Can I use resistance bands and my Ab Dolly while on MAG-10? How about Slim Fast? Will I get huuuuge? LOL! :slight_smile: