Anabolic Diet w/ Intermittent Fasting?

Has anybody tried this? I have had some success in the past using an IF style of eating, timing essentially all of my daily caloric intake around a 6-8 hr window (ideally post-workout on lifting days).

I am giving the Anabolic Diet a go now (first carb-up will be this weekend) for dropping some BF while hopefully gaining a little strength/mass, and am curious if anyone has experimented with the meal timing on the AD to deviate from the “6 evenly spaced meals a day” pattern?

I’m thinking of trying the following:

Mon-Fri (low-carb days) - goal: 2500 kcal, >65%F/35%P/<5%C, 16hr fast w/ 8hr eating window

11am - pre-workout meal (200 kcal, eggs/ground beef, berries)
12pm - 1 hr lifting or 30 min. low intensity cardio
1pm - post-workout shake (300 kcal, whey/heavy cream)
2pm - PWO meal 1 (400 kcal, eggs/spinach/ground beef)
3pm - PWO meal 2 (400 kcal, eggs/spinach/ground beef)
4pm - PWO meal 3 (400 kcal, canned salmon/mayo/flax/avocado)
5:30pm - Dinner (500 kcal steak or chicken/broccoli/butter)
7pm - evening shake (300 kcal, casein/heavy cream)

fast until pre-WO meal the next day

Sat-Sun - goal: 3000 kcal, 65%C/20%F/15%P
8am - Big pancake breakfast w/ syrup, eggs, hashbrowns, OJ (1500 kcal)

7pm - Huge plate of pasta w/ meat sauce and large helping of bread, w/ some chocolate cake/ice cream for dessert (1500 kcal)

What do other AD’ers think of this? Is there any reason I would expect a problem w/ this in terms of hormonal balance or anythign?