Anabolic Diet Training

I’ve got to be honest in stating that I personally find the BodyOpus diet pretty hard to grasp, demanding (carb-ups) and difficult to accept the training methods (depletion etc.) and little too diverse, to what I’m used to. I do however, find the Anabolic diet a little more easier to understand, though little is mentioned in the book with regards to training advice i.e. can I apply “standard” training methods (4-5 days etc.).I’m keen to hear from anyone out there on the anabolic diet and what they find is working for them with regards to maintaining low bodyfat levels, yet experiencing significant gains, and whether bodyfat loss is occuring without aerobic activity, as the good Doctor appears to have a gripe with this issue. Don’t blame him.

I couldn’t agree more. Bodyopus vs Anabolic Diet, the anabolic diet comes out the winner. I train 5 days a week (approx 45min a day) on AD, starting with the day after the carb-up (Sun, I only do a one day carb). I look my best on Tue even/Wed morn. My workouts are great all through the week. I use a max-ot approach and train only one body part each workout. As far as fat loss, I went from 34.5% to 17.8% since Jan. I do do cardio (lately 7x a week, but not ever less than once). I have loss LBM since Jan, but I doubt it was muscle. More likely water and glycegen.