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Anabolic diet to gain mass?

This question has probably been posed before, however, as I like a low-carb diet (even though I have had a few problems), have any of you personal experience of positive lean-mass gains using such a diet. I accept that many complain of a loss of strength, although I have not found that. I do however seem to be making slow but positive progress. If you have had success, what quantity of carbs did you use (if any). Would you do it again. It is certainly difficult to put away a substantial number of calories on a low carb diet and not feel “full-up”. Any comments on this subject much appreciated.

Yes you can gain weight on the Anabolic Diet. What you need to do is use the midweek carb spike (if you’re doing the regular Mon-Fri low carb weekend high carb you’d do this first thing in the morning on Wed, taking in no more than 1000 calories, mainly from sugar). I know its hard to take in enough calories on the low carb portion of the diet so you ‘make up for it’ on the weekend. If you’re aiming for 6000 calories a day but can only take in 4500 Mon-Fri, take in as many calories, particularily from sugar, you can on the weekend. You can easily take in 8000+ calories a day on the weekend like this. You can gain a nice amount of muscle like this and I LOVE the way you get to eat on the mass phase.