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Anabolic Diet - Supplementation

I’ve recently bought & read Mauro DiPasquale’s “Anabolic Diet” book, where he gives reference in the “supplements” chapter to four Amino Acid “compounds or stacks” (pg 56-59)and also mentions an outfit I heard of 5 years back called OTS or Optimum Training Systems, who supplied a variety of supplements and of course the “Big Beyond Belief” publication.
Alot has happened in the past five years in the world of supplementation and my question is what is a “quality” recommended amino acid compound to take during and after training. I’ve traditionally been a high carb intaker to date, though find the battle with bodyfat a regular occurrance of defeat, and very keen to look seriously at trying the high fat diet for remaining year.

I follow the anabolic diet, but I take my allotted carb intake right after my workout. So on days I’m working out I’ll have glutamine (25g) prior to working out and 3 scoops of whey and 16oz of Gatorade (28 carbs) with creatine right after. About an hour later I take 400mg of ALA to drop my insulin (I don’t have any scientific reason for 1 hour, just figured that’s long enough for insulin to do battle with cortisol).

One more note, if ketosis is important to you (I don’t care as long as my carbs are under 30grams I lose fat), then glutamine has been reported to keep some people out.