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Anabolic Diet - Suitable for Beginners?


Hey guys,

I've just started weight training and have heard some great things about the anabolic diet, but wanted to know if it would be suitable for a beginner or if I should do a high carb diet before trying it? I'm 5ft10 and 150 pounds.



I would recommend a diet with carbs and protein. You're a 150lbs. Try a diet such as Scrawny to Brawny for at least 3 months to see if you can actually stick to something such as a diet. Anyone can lift weights but it take dedication and time to stick with a diet.


At this point you don't need any kind of specialized diet. Eat enough calories to support the work you do, eat protein, carbs and fat primarily from whole foods and you will be pleased with your results.


It can be used for mass gaining but its real strength lies in helping folks lean out or stay lean (generally without sacrificing too much strength).

Go with a simpler diet for gaining weight.


At that height/weight you should focus on total food intake, not a special plan like the AD. Get to a leanish 190-200 and then worry about stuff like that. You just need to gain weight.