Anabolic Diet Snacks

What do you all use as “snacks” while on AD?

This is my list:

Pork rinds
Cottage cheese curd w/ onions, tomatoes, cucumber, and EVOO (I premake a tub of it each week)
Bacon (I cook two packs each week and just leave it in the freezer cooks, just heat and eat)
Low carb protein shake w/ A spoon of Udo’s DHA blend
handful of walnuts or pumpkin seeds
Some others I can’t put my finger on right now

Be careful with snacking on nuts and cottage cheese. Both have quantities of carbs that can quickly add up.

Thats true. I make sure I only eat about a half cup of my cottage cheese concoction at a time (1g carb from the cottage, about ~2 from the veggies in it), and a handful of walnuts when I eat them (~2g carb). I try to stay away from other types of nuts as I have noticed they have higher amounts of carbohydrates and decreasing amounts of fiber.

Keep em coming with those AD snacks!

Sunflower nuts (or are they “kernels”?), string cheese, Slim Jims, and almonds. Other nuts has too much carbs.

cucumber mixed in egg or chicken salad




sliced salmon with cream cheese and green onion rolled up

Olives (stuffed or not)

Pine nuts (very good fiber to carb ratio, perhaps the best nut in that regard)

Hard boiled eggs. Just pop those suckers in and you’re good to go. String cheese is also convenient and easy.


Cook up some sausage and keep it in the fridge.