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Anabolic Diet Set-Up


Just making sure I've set this up right. I've read ALL of the "My Experience On the Anabolic Diet" (yes all 7780 posts) and have decided that my extreme love protein and fats is making me an excellent new member of the Anabolic Dieters ^_^.

However I am OCD about getting it right so here is my set up/diet/food stuffs etc. all I need is a thumbs up or down on if I'm right. If you have enough time to tweak you'll be my hero. Here it goes.

total cals = BW (225) x 18 = 4050 cals/day (rounding to 4k)

Therefore during the first phase and subsequent weeks it is
1600 cal/day protein = 400grams - 67grams/meal
2400 cal/day fat = 267grams - 44.5 grams/meal
<30 grams carb

I used fitday to make up each meal I'll post them later but I have a question about veggies. On my current diet i eat a lot of veggies ( multiple pounds per day) but im assuming this is not conducive to a successful switch to a fat burning metabolism.

Can I still eat some broccoli/bean sprouts/mushrooms/peppers? i was going to have 1 cup of veggies with every other meal to keep my fiber up (i'm using flax seed as well) and a final question, do i count my peri/post workout shake in my total protein intake? i usually have a 60gr shake half during my workout out then slam the rest after my last rep.

As for my goals after my metabolism "switches" is to lean down to under 10% BF to get them abs out then bulk up without getting fat as I am an FFB and would abhor getting fat again.


Here was my food for today (day 1)

3 eggs, 1 cup egg whites, 5oz Turkey Sausage
61gr protein, 44gr fat

Meal 2
9oz Ground Beef, 1 cup broccoli
62gr protein, 46gr fat

Meal 3
Same as above

Meal 4
Had Breakfast again

peri/post workout shake with Udo's Oil (1tbs)
60gr protein, 10gr fat

Meal 5
9oz Chicken, 1 oz Cheese, 1 cup broccoli, 2 tbs udo's oil
67gr protein, 8 gr Carbs, 35 gr Fat

Meal 6
2 scoops Protein powder, 1/2 cup egg whites
2 tbs udo's oil, flax seed.
60gr protein, 30gr Fat. 3gr Carbs

Total for the day
433gr Protein, 251gr Fat, 22gr Carbs

= 4079 cals
= 42% pr / 55% Fat / <3% Carbs

Anyone see any major flaws, carbs I've missed etc?


Fiber does not count as carbs.

So you can eat your pounds of spinach or brocholli and not worry.


Yep, I second the fibre issue. Apart from that, thumbs up from me. I've only been doing the AD since Nov '07 so I'm hardly an expert, but everything seems to be going nicely so far.

It's quite possible that you will see your abs after the induction phase (12-14days) and won't need to lower kcals afterwards. I lost a load of fat during that time.

You do count the protein in the peri-workout shakes by the way.

Good luck, I'm sure you'll do well on the AD :wink:


Out of curiosity, you wrote you're taking in 433g protein and 251 g fat, but that fat was 55% of your cals, and protein 42%. Is it the other way around? I may just not know how to count them or something.


the good ol' math behind it for tico

fat = 9 calories/gram
protein = 4 calories/gram
carbs = 4 calories/gram

Total for the day
433gr Protein, 251gr Fat, 22gr Carbs

= 4079 cals
= 42% pr / 55% Fat / <3% Carbs

(433g pr X 4cal/g)/4079 total cal X 100 = 42%
(251g fat X 9cal/g)/4079 total cal X 100 =55%
(22g carb X 4cal/g)/4079 total cal X 100 =>3%

multiplying by 100 at the end to make a percentage...


does anyone know if there is a relationship between the diet you were on before hand and how long the "switch" takes. From what i've read it can be between 5 days to a month. Can i expect to crash sooner simply becuase i've been on a low carb/veggies only diet for the last year that i will switch sooner?


I'm sure it does matter what diet you were on before but I am no expert.

I came off of the V-Diet and right into a keto diet, just like the induction phase of the AD. It took me 10 days to hit the wall. I am asuming the day I could barely move and keep my eyes open is the switch people are talking about. So even though I was low carbing it beforehand it took me that long.

I think Genetics matters more.
Just more info for ya.


We'll since no one has given me any negative feedback I'll assume I've got enough of the gist of it to carry on. This coming week is chalk full of exams and any weird shit with my mood/energy will be "counter productive" im going to start next Saturday since it is the start of UVic's reading break. I'll post photos and such as I go. Thanks for your help everyone!


This is more cals then normal for me but im hungry as balls all day. Anyone else get this too?


I had the opposite happen: I ended up eating less than before and not feeling hungry.


You’re encouraged to update this thread. I’d love to hear how you’re doing on the AD.


events have kept me off the AD. Liked the diet, liked the food. will be back on in a week.


Man I just realised the shocking reality of the fact that I am heavier than you and it is hard as crap to get in 250 grm of protein a day! Let alone 400! Man how am I gonna do this diet!


You guys know you could post this stuff in the epic thread… questions generally get answered there and quite a few knowledgeable AD’ers still frequent it.


like CJK said, lets try and keep all AD related stuff in that thread. It would be a great addition to the thread as we’re all making a consertive effort to get it rolling again, so to speak

ironjoe, whats come up in your life? hope all’s good?


its all good. getting back into it this weekend. This thread will get moved into the epic on and i will start my own blog/log for my eating and training, i just wanted it to make sure my start up was right and didn’t get lost in the epic one. I will keep all my questions posted in the big one for simplicity. but feel free to comment on my other log. im setting it up tonight, it will be under Ironjoe’s Training Log.


oh ya, and it will be in this section still. because the food will be most prevalent aspect of the log


Sorry to beat the dead horse and it IS just a suggestion, but if you haven’t started it, feel free to blog in the AD thread! You would probably get a lot of interaction in there… like I said AD vets check in from time to time and you are likely to get more exposure to the right people. Again, purely a suggestion. Good luck with your goals!


like i was saying i will keep the stuff about the AD in the epic thread. Just the stuff that is off topic from AD will be in the other thread.