Anabolic Diet: Quick Question on Carbs

I’m just making sure I’m figuring my carb intake right on this diet. I’ve been trying to do the 30grams of carbs or less since last Sunday… So I should be ready for a carb up on Saturday of this week. (12 day induction)

I am doing right to subtract my fiber intake from my carbs? If I don’t subtract my fiber I range on carbs from 30-37 per day even though I try to keep it in the limits. If I subtract the fiber from my carbs then it looks like I’m doing really good at 20-25 gams of carbs.
Can anyone shed some light on which way is correct?


Correct. Subtract fiber from total carbs.

Thanks for the info Mike! I appreciate it.

try to get more than 10 gm of fibre though (falx meal, tabs). Minimizes plumbing issue.
Just my 0.02