Anabolic Diet Questions

hey im new to the site, which seems really knowledgeable about nutrition which is why i joined in the first place but anyway i was wondering why is the carb up phase of the anabolic, or other low carbs diets important?

question 2: how can i determine the amount of calories i should be taking in? (on workout and non-workout days)

question 3: is the anabolic diet strictly for bodybuilders and powerlifters? im thinking of trying it (after i learn a little more about it…or maybe just sticking low carb+high protein+ high fat if its all the same) but anyway im hovering around 170 and id like to remain that weight…replacing lost fat weight with muscle weight…is the anabolic alright for doing that or is it’s sole purpose for bulking?

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hey im new to the site[/quote]

Welcome to the site…!

Because the the phase consists of carb depletion. It’s cyclic.

For maintenance (staying the same weight), I use 12xbodyweight. That’s a daily intake. Workouts aren’t a factor.


You can use it to cut or bulk. The difference is total caloric intake, clean or dirty carbs, and cutting fat during carb loads, so that your body burns its own.

Read the first 25 pages of this thread…should answer all of your questions:


so are you saying that if i want to remain the same weight i should just stick to 12x bodyweight for BOTH resting and workout days?

and one more thing, just to see if ive got this right:

the refeed of carbs is just to replenish glycogen so that you can grow muscle faster?