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Anabolic Diet Questions

Sup guys. So I’ve been looking over the anabolic diet, and while for the most part it seems cool, I only have two reservations:

A.) I though gaining muscle required gaining at least a little fat. Something about a caloric surplus or whatever.

B.) I know my farts are gonna reek. What about my breath? Should I keep some tic tacs handy (don’t care too much about this one).

Anyway, is the anabolic diet for fat loss or muscle gain? Or is this one of the exceptions to the beliefs of muscle gaining?

enray, my recommendation would be to read the first 20 pages of the anabolic diet thread

almost everything you would ever want to know is in there

I found the gains to be very lean on the diet.

You shouldn’t need tic tacs.

Bad breath on low carb diets comes from the production of ketones (ketosis).

You shouldn’t be in ketosis once you begin carb ups.