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Anabolic Diet + Prohormone


I'm gonna do a West side for skinny bastards routine, Which is a 4 day routine.
I'm barley on day 7 of no carbs, I have about another week to go so I can start the anabolic diet.
Hopefully I will be set by august 1st.
I wanna know if I should just increase my caloric intake since I train jiu jitsu, I won't be as drained as much for my weight training sessions.

I'll be stacking Epistane + Tren for 30 days


So you are a skinny guy who is going low carb and is taking two prohormones?

Have you got any experience with pro-hormones? Have you even got your PCT ready?


Forget all those BS diets.

Just eat a bunch of food, carbs = insulin, insulin = growth

Dont bother stacking if its your first run with PH's and dont use tren, ever.


no i'm not skinny LOL, my friend did this and we're the same stalky mesomorphs
and yes did tren awhile back, and i have nolva on hand