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Anabolic Diet: Pre and Post Carbs

Hey guys been following the AD for a few months already. I have been doing a clean carb up every weekend and was wondering if I was to do a pre and post carb/protein with 60 grams of protein and 40 grams of carbs on regular days. Will this interfere with the diet and slow down the fat burning? If it will slow down the fat burning, by how much will it slow it down by? The weekend carb ups dont seem to be enough, my muscles feel flat alot of times.

Wasn’t there something about doing a midweek carb-up as well? Maybe look into that if you have the book.

Personally, I keep carbs restricted if I am on a low carb plan, period. So I have just a plain protein shake before&after training.

You could always try carbs after a workout for yourself, and see how that works.