Anabolic Diet - Phasing Off

My buddy and I are considering giving the AD a try, but we had a couple questions first. We’re both collegiate baseball players, and we have almost a full year until our season comes around.

Neither of us do any bodybuilding, and we were just wondering how long we could/should continue the diet? Is there a good way to phase off the AD, i.e. a moderate carb diet?

We are both looking to put on some muscle mass while reducing body fat, and from all the reading on this site and elsewhere, this seems like a good way (if not the best way) to achieve our current goals.

Thanks for the help.

Id say you can come off just like you came on just do it. you may want to slowly raise the carbs but shouldnt matter to much.

Why dont you give it a good 3-4 month run and you may find you dont want or need to come off.


I got off recently - I really slowly upped the carbs. There’s some Berardi articles on this site that help with that (do a search for “get un-shredded”) and explain how some carbs can be phased back in.

However, I seem to be more on it than of it again, by still eating mostly low-carb and spiking up now and then - however, it’s a modified version that looks way more like T-Dawg 2.0.

And yeah, I can’t show enough love to healthy fats :slight_smile: mixed nuts - EVOO - flax oil - … for life!