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Anabolic Diet Not Working, Getting Fatter


Hello, I noticed the two mega threads on the anabolic diet and decided to post my predicament.

I have been on the anabolic diet for 5 weeks so have gone through my initial phase shift.

I have been recreationally bodybuilding for 6 years and have a decent build.

I started the anabolic diet with a 34 inch waste and 5 weeks in i have a 36 inch waste and my abs have all but gone.

My nutritional breakdown on a typical days is 60f 30p and around 25g of carbs fibre subtracted, and at maintenance of around 3000kcal/day . All from fitday. My saturated fats are around 50% of total fats probably due to the heavy cream and protein shake that i love...Could the saturated fats be the reason?

Any help i would appreciate


I really want this to work for me as energy is stable and lifts are going well


What are you eating - what foods?


An typical day includes
1 6 eggs scrambled w/ 2 tbs butter
2 100ml heavy cream protein shake
3 200g lean meat 2 tbs evoo
4 100g cheese 100g mince beef brocolli
5 100ml heavy cream protein shake
6 100g ham cut, 50g cheese

along those lines...around 350g protein....maybe too much...glyconeagenasis???



What are your goals/the intended purpose for doing the AD? What/how much were you eating before, because if you are eating more total cals now then you were before and doing the same/less activity then you may have found the culprit.

If you are trying to lean out then start reducing your total cal intake week by week until you start dropping fat.


The AD is not a magic diet.

You still need to be in a weekly cal deficit in order to lose fat.

And no, its not the saturated fat or any one macronutrient thats making you fat, its the fact that you are taking in calories over your needs.


well i am at maintenance kcals (3000) the same as when i was on a 40/40/20 typical diet. The reason i started the anabolic diet was health reasons, i wanted to see if i could drop my cholesterol and control my gastro intestinal distress i get eating carbs... i dont see how im putting on fat at maintenance.

I do know the AD is not a magic diet, and i understand the where you are coming from. Just trying to figure this out...


Your maintenance isn't as high as you think it is. Drop the calories some or do more work. It's pretty simple.


ok.....maybe...but what if i was bulking...i am just putting on fat...Im not stupid


what do your weekends look like? Are you using a 48 hour carb up? I found 48 hours too much. 24 hours was better for me. Might even need to back it down to just 14 hours, pretty much one regular day.

Are you having healthy shits every day? Maybe you are backed up and cause some bloat. I see a single serving of broccoli, maybe try upping your fiber. Flax meal in shakes is a good way.

How much weight was gained for those 2 inches? That is a substantial amount of gain for only 5 weeks.


You're not at maintenance if you're gaining weight/getting fatter.


Yes you are correct... i have never gained this much fat. I dont blame the diet i am doing something woring i am just trying to figure it out.

  1. Carbs loads are 1 day long 80% good 20% shit food
  2. I supplement with psyllium husks for fiber
  3. weight gained was around 2kg this was measure on fridays before the carb load, so i should be depleted.

From reading posts etc i was under the assumption that i was actually under eating, many citations saying 18 x bw etc and to gain 20-25 x bw and i am eating no where near this but putting on considerable fat.

As far as hidden carbs i dont think i have any am sticking to the 30g a day mark. i count the carbs in the cream, eggs and whey etc so that is not an issue..
Maybe I am one of those people who doesnt respond to higher fat which is a shame as my strength is good.

I will try lowering the cals by 500 this next 7 days to see what happens, im not giving up yet.

Any other suggestions.


Even if this was true i still shouldn't be putting on fat, thats the whole point of the anabolic diet adding lean tissue without significant adipose tissue. And in the grand scheme of things 3000 kcals is not alot


If you are getting fatter, then you're eating too much. If your goal is to gain muscle, then you would be better suited taking a more moderate approach and following a more "traditional" bodybuilding diet.

The AD is not a magic bullet to get around calorie balance. Unless you have terrible insulin sensitivity, a low carb bulk is probably a bad idea (caloric surplus+abundance of readily stored ffa...think about it). You can't avoid fat gain by simply not eating carbs. Calorie balance is still the primary factor.


Also, maintenance for a training individual is usually 14-16x bw.

You are looking for answers in the minutia when your solution is far simpler.

I would stick to a more basic nutritional strategy until you understand basic physiology to enough of a degree that you know your ass from your elbows.


I appreciate your constructive criticism :confused: Maybe you should re read why i started the diet. Health reasons, I don't want to go back to go back to a more 'basic diet strategy'


Maybe fats aren't your friend. CT says some of his guys still have 3 400 carbs a day while cutting. You might do better with a moderate carb, moderate to high protein, and lower fat diet. Instead of following a diet to a t, find a diet that sounds right for you and tweak so areas to fit you.

And you prolly need to take a giant shit. You need more fiber from whole foods.

Curious, how much do you weigh and how tall are you. Pics?


Thanks for the advice but...The reason for starting the diet was health reasons, gastro intestinal distress and cholesterol. And i am shitting regular thanks :slightly_smiling:


Dude you the Anabolic Diet helps to add lean tissue with minimal fat gains, that being said, it's not the end all be all of diets and makes you only put on muscle. If you follow the principals of the AD and are eating well above your surplus you're still going to gain fat. Your body can only produce so much muscle in a week, if you're eating well over even that limit you're going to gain fat as well.

Put pictures up, sounds like you don't have much muscle and a much lower metabolism then you think you do which when paired with 3k calories may mean fat gain. Post up pics, training, and specifically what you are eating on non-carb-up days and we'll be able to help more.


Yes i understand. I said in the original post that i am not taking in any more calories than when i was on a 'standard diet'


Were you gaining weight on a 'standard diet'?