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Anabolic Diet, Need Some Help



been on the AD for 12 days now, going to get my first carb day tommorow. ive followed the ratios exactly... or so i thought.

i dont have the book (yet, ive ordered it tho) and ive been reading alot of the AD thread (the one with almost 300 pages) and ive noticed someone said you should be getting the fat/protien/carb ratios from caleries, where ive been doing the ratios gram vs gram. i know 1g of protien is 4 cals but i dont know about carbs or fats.

At the end of an average day the stats look like this:

Cals 2825
Fats 238g 58%
Protiens 153g 37%
Carbs 21.5g 5%

thats how it looks like when i do the ratios gram vs gram but when i divide the protien in cals (153 x 4 = 612) by the total of cals, 2825, i get 25%, which means im not hitting the right ratios at all. Am i doing this wrong??? if i did this wrong should i carb up and then repeat the whole 12 day phase???

overall ive dropped 3~ pounds (from lower water retension + glycogen depletion) and i do appear tighter looking in the mirror.



Is this even a question?

Protein = 4cals/g
Carbs = 4cals/g
Fat = 9cals/g


that was part of it, but i still need to know if im supose to be doing the ratios gram vs gram or by cals


You're fat intake is too high; protein intake is too low.

You should do it by grams. Based off the numbers you posted, you would want about 180-190g of fat or so.


You gotta go by the calories. If you want to go by grams, consume roughly an equal # of grams of fats and protein, and it will approximate the 60/30 ratio.